Aino Heater Colour Concept

Aino Heater Colour Concept

Aino Heater is available in any colour you want. The colour can be selected from RAL colour chart. Aino Heaters are painted individually in the colour chosen by the customer. 

Red Berries

Red Berries RAL 450-m)

Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset (RAL280-m)

Pink Clouds

Pink Clouds (RAL 520-m)

Purple Thunder

Purple Thunder (RAL 590-m)

Bright Blue Sky

Bright Blue Sky (RAL 660-m)

Thousand Blue Lakes

Thousand Blue Lakes (RAL 690-m)

Rainy Forest Green

Rainy Forest Green (RAL 750-m)

Natural Bronze

Natural Bronze (RAL 330-m)

Silver Moonlit

Silver Moonlit (RAL 850-m)