Placing the stones

Please note that it is necessary to use the right type of round >10 cm stones.


Aino Heater capacity is approx. 90 kg of stones.


No 1 Stacking of stones - example

80–90 kg of round gray sauna stones

10–20 kg of white decorative stones


No 2 Stacking of stones - example

90–100 kg of round gray sauna stones


Stack the stones carefully so that the heater´s structure and cover does not damage. Wear protective gloves. Open all the stone boxes at once before stacking the stones. Start with placing 4–8 stones under the grate between the resistors. Do not fill the gaps between the resistors completely. Select the big stones from the boxes and place them on top of the grate so that they do not fall between the resistors. Use only selected Aino Sauna heater stones for your heater. Place the stones individually to achieve the desired loose placing. Do not pour stones directly from the package.


White decorative stones can be used on top of the heater. Wash white decorative stones before use. White stones do not store heat, so they have only decorative value. 


Steam is best formed when the stones are stacked as airily as possible. Please stack all the stones as loose as possible so that air can flow between the stones. Fill the stones space so full that the screws on the collar are covered. If steam does not form, please stack the stones again. Due to the thermal movement of the stones, the stones may have to be re-laid later. Please notice that if the stones are stacked too tightly, there is a risk of overheating. 


The steam of Aino Sauna Heater

Aino Heaters soft steam is based on the large amount of stones. The heat is not reserved inside the steam room but in the stones. The temperature in Aino sauna is lower so the releasing steam will be incredibly smooth and rewarding. However increasing the power lenghtening the heating time you can also get hot and sizzling sauna experience.