The unique sauna experience

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Aino-kiukaan tarina

Aino heater was born from the passion towards more rewarding sauna experience.

Good ideas often come while having a sauna, and so the story of the Aino stove began. Many people love sauna traditions, but few have the time or opportunity to heat the wooden heated stove. The idea of a electric heater with large amount of stones was soon born.

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”The age-old Finnish sauna tradition is reflected in the design of the Aino Heater.”

Strength from the tradition.

Balancing your life.


Sauna has been the place for remedy and reborn for Finns. Aino Heater enables you to recover and rejuvenate naturally from your daily activities and makes you feel refreshed. Aino Heater helps you to balance your body and mind. 

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A spa atmosphere for your home.

Beautiful design and health have inspired our creative team.



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