Aino Heater

Aino Heater

more steam

Aino Heater enables large amount of steam to be formed into the sauna, bringing Spa Atmosphere to your home. Steam makes the sauna experience incredibly smooth and rewarding, you feel rejuvenated afterwards. 


Sauna has always been the place for relaxing and part of a healthy lifestyle for Finns. Strength from the tradition. 

enjoyable temperature

As the temperature in the Aino sauna is lower, it is easier to breathe and relax in the sauna area. You can enjoy the sauna experience designed just for you.




Sauna helps you to recover from everyday routines. Aino Heater brings you the spa atmosphere to your home.

Unique design

Aino Heater also surprises with its functionality. Its special design allows for lower electricity consumption, the product life cycle is also significantly longer.




Aino Heater has a unique design. You can trust the quality of the genuine and original Aino Sauna Heater. 

Aino kiuas fiiliskuva

”The age-old Finnish sauna tradition is reflected in the design of the Aino Heater.”

Aino Heater collection 

New Aino Heater collection is available in Stone Gray, Winter White and Peat Brown colour options. Finnish nature and four seasons have been the starting point for naming the collection. New Aino Heaters power is 9 kW and it is suitable for 8-12m³ steam rooms.

Heater is available with fixed control or external control. 



Power 9 kW
Measurements: diameter 56 cm, height 90 cm
Colour options: Stone Gray, Winter White and Peat Brown


Fixed control or external control. Control panels touch screens colour is black. 

Material: metal.


For installation instructions please contact 


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Aino Heater is available in any colour you want. The colour can be selected from RAL colour chart. Aino Heaters are painted individually in the colour chosen by the customer. 


Choose Your Aino Heater Colour examples

  1. Red Berries (RAL 450-m)  
  2. Golden Sunset (RAL 280-m) 
  3. Pink Clouds (RAL 520-m)  
  4. Purple Thunder (RAL 590-m) 
  5. Bright Blue Sky (RAL 660-m)  
  6. Thousand Blue Lakes (RAL 690-m) 
  7. Rainy Forest Green (RAL 750-m)  
  8. Natural Bronze (RAL 330-m) 
  9. Silver Moonlit (RAL 850-m)

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Original Aino-Heater

Original Aino Heater is suitable for steam rooms which vuolume is 6-12 m³. The traditional Aino Heater is placed on the floor and offers enjoyable sauna expereince!



Power 6 kW
Measurements: diameter 50 cm, height 90 cm
Colour options: Black and White