Product Support

Product Support

Questions about the Aino Heater?

We will be happy to help you with product support matters. Send a message or call +358 10 292 6766.


Are you planning a sauna renovation?

It is a good idea to get in touch with us right away, even if you’re just planning a new steam room or renovation. For example the external control panel installation needs bushings in the wall structures which are good to consider at the beginning of the planning. 


The stones have an important role in Aino Heater.


Large number of high-quality stones are the source of enjoyable sauna experience. Round stones gives the best experience. The recommended size of the stones is about 10 cm or less than 10 cm. Stones are placed loosely so that they leave as many cracks as possible for air circulation. Use mostly smaller stones but to get enough loose space there may be larger stones among the smaller ones. There is a lot of stone space because the resistors are separated. If desired, white decorative stones can be placed on the surface.


We recommend rounded sauna stones 10 cm from Parhaat Löylyt brand.  


Instructions for placing the stones ›

More information about sauna stones ›


The steam of Aino Sauna Heater

Aino Heaters soft steam is based on the large amount of stones. The heat is not reserved inside the steam room but in the stones. The temperature in Aino sauna is lower so the flowing steam will be incredibly smooth and rewarding. However increasing the power lenghtening the heating time you can also get hot and sizzling sauna experience.